How Do I Properly Receive My SF-10 Or SF-25?

This article will go over the essentials when receiving your San Franciscan Roaster

Receiving the Shipment

In most circumstances, roasters will arrive on a freight delivery truck. Usually, the truck will have a lift gate that will allow the crated roasters to be moved with a pallet jack. The SF-25 crate will not weigh more than 1,500 lbs (680.4 kg). The SF-10 crate will not weigh more than 950 lbs (431 kg).


Move the pallet into the uncrating location. Ensure that there is adequate space on all sides of the roaster so that the sides of the crate can be accessed easily.


Note: The roaster is top-heavy; keep pallet on level ground at all times.


Bill of Lading & Crate Inspection

Before signing the Bill of Lading please follow the instructions; do not sign the Bill of Lading until you have fully inspected the crates for any visible loss or damage.


  1. Do not refuse the shipment.
  2. Inspect the crate for damage and make the notation on the delivery receipt of any Visible Loss or Damage.
  3. If crate damage is discovered, leave the item in the original container and packaging, and request an immediate inspection from the carrier.
  4. If the tilt or shock indicators have been tripped, leave the item in the original container and packaging, note damage on the Bill of Lading (take photos).
  5. Contact The San Franciscan Roaster Co. if damage has occurred.



  • Observable damage to the crate,
  • If the tilt indicator was tripped, or
  • If the shock indicator was tripped

Uncrating Instructions


  1. Remove screws from the top of the crate first. This will require a ladder.
  2. Next, remove the screws on the long side of the roaster.
  3. Proceed by removing the remaining three walls on the front and sides of the roaster.
  4. Unbolt the roaster feet from the pallet using a wrench.
  5. Carefully remove the plastic shrink wrap from the roaster.
  6. Remove the cooling tray and its contents to make it easier to remove the roaster from the pallet.

Transferring Roaster from Pallet


*Please note: This process will require four 2x4 wood blocks and four to five people. (Do not apply pressure to the drum cover, motors, control panel, wiring components, gas lines or other fragile components.)


  1. Slide the roaster to the edge of the pallet. Place the 2x4 wood blocks parallel to the pallet. If necessary, stack 2x4 wood blocks on top of each other for additional height.
  2. Slide one-half of the roaster onto the 2x4 wood blocks.
  3. While tilting the roaster on the 2x4 blocks, slide the pallet from beneath the roaster.
  4. Tip the other side of the roaster onto the ground, and remove the 2x4 wood Once the roaster is firmly on the ground, scoot it to the permanent location.

Once the roaster is in place, call your local HVAC and boiler technician. All installation must be completed by a certified professional.

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