What Data Logging equipment comes with my roaster?

Data logging can be complicated but it doesn't have to be! This document will discuss the components in our data logging system.

All roast logging software is available through third party programs. Some of these require their own equipment like Phidgets or other data bridges in order to log data from roasters.

All SFR roasters come equipped with data logging capabilities. Here is what our systems consists of:

Probes: All of our roasters currently come equipped with RTD Probes. While K or J type thermocouples may be used, we recommend using RTD's. If you do decide to source a thermocouple on your own, the input for the digital temperature readout will need to be reprogrammed. Fill out our support form if you need directions on this process.

Digital Temperature Readout: The digital temperature readout (Watlow EZ Zone) is an FM rated high temperature limit safety device. These are factory set at 465 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Data Bridge: We sell an Isolated USB converter so that the digital temperature readout can communicate with a data logging program.

Communication Driver: This is a program that can be downloaded from the internet. If someone is having challenges connecting their roaster to a computer, forgetting to download this is the most common cause.

Logging Program: A few of the programs that SFR owners use are Cropster and Artisan.

*Older roasters may have different equipment installed from the factory. But do not worry we have some solutions for you too! Submit our support form and our team will be in touch with a course of action.