About The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

“When you have passion for what you build, you create masterpieces”

The San Franciscan Roaster front logoThat sums up our approach to building The San Franciscan Roaster line of coffee roasters. We do it with the passion of a motorcycle enthusiast restoring an old Harley, or a sculptor transforming a block of mahogany into a work of art.

We have a team of enthusiasts -fabricators, welders and machinists who take their craft seriously and are artisans in their own right. They are involved all the way through the process from fabrication to final assembly – so they understand the function of every single part they are making and how it all fits together.

They care about what they do and take the time and care to do it properly.

The crew are all coffee enthusiasts: Our Director of Operations and Chief Engineer, Matt Sewell , won a 2015 Good Foods Award for his coffee – And of course, he roasted it on The San Franciscan Roaster!

We love the look of our machines – they usually become a centerpiece at any coffee house or roasting company. The timeless retro look accented with solid brass fixtures and decorative side plaques. They look the way they are – solid and reliable. They show you mean business.

People who buy The San Franciscan Roaster line of commercial coffee roasters usually become more than just clients, they become part of a big extended family of serious coffee professionals around the globe. They love their San Franciscan Roasters, enjoy roasting with them and wouldn’t part with them for the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing family.