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used coffee roasters for sale

"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care"
Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC
(from Google reviews)

“Love the company and our roaster is, hands down, the best built in the world.”
Timothy Styczynski
Bridge Coffee
Yuba City, CA

"Easy to clean, operate, troubleshoot....you name it"
Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab

"Beautiful roaster! A center piece of our cafe"
 Ohio Roasting Company
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A lower cost alternative for coffee roasting startups

When starting a new roasting business, you may prefer to buy a used coffee roasting machine, to save initial capital. While you reduce expenses, you must still be careful that the machine you are buying will last long enough to give you a return on investment.

With so many different machines to choose from, it's important to understand what makes a machine continue to roast reliably year after year. The quality of the manufacturing is particularly important when you're buying a used coffee roaster machine. Low cost machines made in Asia for instance will fail quickly. They are probably near to the end of their life-cycle when they listed for sale.

Support is another important factor to consider. Used coffee roasters are far more likely to need parts replaced at some stage, so does the company offer any support? Do they have a local office or someone to talk to on the phone? Or will you have to scour the internet for forums or chat groups to try and get information? Can you buy the parts locally, or will you have to source them overseas, or modify your roaster to fit a different part?

You get what you pay for in a used coffee roasting machine

Unfortunately, few real bargains exist in the world of used coffee roasting machines. A robust reliable coffee roaster will hold its value much more than a poorly-made one. A roaster you buy directly from the owner, will be cheaper than a roaster that has been checked and refurbished by the manufacturer.

A cheaper machine will inevidably end up costing much more, because of the downtime while you are trying to fix it. The longer you have to search for replacement parts, the more it will cost your business.

That's why it's better to spend a little more and invest in the most robust coffee roasting machine you can find. Choosing something built to last a lifetime is wise, especially when the manufacturer refurbishes it.

Whether you're looking for a small sample roaster or something larger, there may be a used San Franciscan coffee roaster that suits your needs, available at a reasonable price.


Used San Franciscan Coffee Roasters for Sale

When considering a used coffee roaster, San Franciscan Coffee Roasters stand out as a top-tier choice for both beginners and seasoned roasters alike. San Franciscan roasters are renown for their durability, craftsmanship, and consistent performance. These roasters are built to last a lifetime.

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the standout features of San Franciscan Coffee Roasters is their lifetime guarantee. While not transferrable, this guarantee is a testament to the confidence the company has in their products' longevity and reliability. It provides peace of mind to roasters, knowing that their equipment is supported by a manufacturer committed to their success and satisfaction.

Growing Businesses and Larger Roasters

As coffee businesses expand, their roasting needs also grow. Many roasters who start with a small-batch San Franciscan machine find that they eventually need to upgrade to a larger model to keep up with increased demand. When this happens, their original San Franciscan roasters are often traded in, which enables us to offer quality used commercial coffee roaster for sale. This cycle of growth and upgrade is a testament to the enduring quality and performance of San Franciscan  machines.

A stately old roaster gets a new lease of life


Before Refurbishing

This Beautiful old SF-25 had served a coffee house faithfully over two decades, roasting over 2.5 million pounds of specialty coffee. It was finally traded in when the owner wanted to expand.


After Refurbishing

The same SF-25, refurbished in a sleek black finish, complete with the latest control panel and software. It is ready to serve a new roastmaster with millions more pounds of specialty coffee.

Refurbished Machines with a Long Lifespan

Used San Franciscan roasters that are traded in are typically refurbished by the company. These refurbished machines undergo thorough inspections and repairs to ensure they meet the same high standards as new units. Despite sometimes having roasted millions of pounds of coffee, these machines still have decades of life left in them. The combination of robust construction and meticulous refurbishment processes ensures that used San Franciscan roasters remain a reliable and cost-effective option for coffee roasters at any stage of their business.

Investing in a Used San Franciscan Roaster

Purchasing a refurbished San Franciscan roaster can be a strategic move for businesses looking to balance quality and cost. These machines offer the reliability and performance of a new roaster at a reduced price

"They've built a world class team around their world class roasters"

"The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster Co. has built a world class team around their world class roasters. Every person we have had the pleasure of working with is extremely knowledgeable in their craft and it shows in their final product. We have been using the same workhorse SF-25 for almost 30 years, so when it finally came time to purchase a new roaster we had no doubt it would be another San Franciscan. The American craftsmanship and American steel insure we will have another 30 years with our new SF-25. The pride they take in their craft shows and it allows us to take pride in ours."

Nick Harris

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