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The San Franciscan SF-10: 10lb/5kg Commercial Coffee Roaster

SFR-10-2024SF10: 10 lb coffee roaster/ 5kg coffee roaster

The SF10 is the newest addition to the San Franciscan Roaster lineup. It is a unique size that generally falls beneath the requirements of local municipalities requiring permits for larger roasters. At 5kg/10lb per batch, it can roast more coffee that most small batch roasters.

Like the other roasters in the San Franciscan lineup, the SF10 is lovingly hand crafted, using only American-made parts in our factory in Carson City, Nevada.

The SF10 is essentially a smaller version of our 25-pound/12-kilo roaster, the SF25. In fact, this 10lb. coffee roaster uses many of the same parts as the SF25 while being proportional and scaled. Simply put, the SF10 is an awesome roaster that will satisfy the needs of even the most meticulous roastmaster.

Roast To Your Heart’s Content

The SF10 coffee roaster's 5 kg. capacity is ideal for roasters who want to produce more than they can with a small-batch coffee roaster, but are not yet ready for an SF25.

You'll find the same meticulous artistry and craftsmanship in the SF10 as you will in our larger roasters. It also has the same roasting characteristics as the larger roasters. Since all our commercial coffee roasters are scaled proportionally, the coffee roast characteristics are easily duplicated from one size to another

As all San Franciscan roasters are built with similar components, coffee roasters can easily transition to larger machines as their business grows! This consistency between our roasters makes the upgrade path much easier. You can also trade-in your San Franciscan Roaster™ when you upgrade, as they are built to last a lifetime.

Expect the Best from the San Franciscan Roaster Company

The SF10 is probably the most robust 5 kilo coffee roaster on the market. These roasters are handmade with care and precision in our Carson City factory, by extremely talented craftsmen.

Every single piece of steel is hand-formed, cut, and precision welded by our team. The San Franciscan Roaster Company produces machines that bolster American craftsmanship through and through. If you’re ready to become part of the San Franciscan Roaster family, contact our team today!

 What is the coffee roaster price?

The price for this roaster is available on application and you can see the cost per month of financing this roaster below.


The SF10’s Internal Components

  • Crafted in the USA: San Franciscan Roasters™ boast American-made excellence, marrying innovation with tradition.
  • All components are made in the USA and parts are available worldwide
  • The SF10 is a continuous batch roaster – it roasts and cools at the same time. This enables it to manage four roasts per hour (40 lbs).
  • Roast Master's Dream: Embrace efficiency with quick 10-15 minute roasting times, thanks to top-notch components and customizable controls.
  • Sparkling Clean: Say goodbye to hassle with easy-to-remove parts like cooling trays and accessible chaff cyclones for effortless maintenance.
  • The San Franciscan is ETL approved as all electrical components meet the Electrical Testing Laboratory regulations.
  • Adjustable drum speed
  • Air-flow control by both variable speed blower and mechanical damper.
  • The variable hot-air circulation fan allows roasters to adjust the air velocity and the pressure.
  • Temperature Tango: Watch the magic unfold with dual-digital displays, keeping tabs on bean and environment temperatures for the perfect roast.
  • The roaster is automatically self-igniting and the burner can be monitored through an inspection hole.
  • All San Franciscans are powder coated with powder baked on at 400°F making the surface extremely durable.
  • Bold and Beautiful: Personalize your roaster with a spectrum of colors, while its rugged steel build ensures it's as tough as it is eye-catching.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster™ is made of 100% schedule 40 steel containing no cast iron. This enables it to withstand constant heating and cooling without any deterioration.
  • The faceplates are made of 5/8 inch steel.
  • Data-Driven Delight: Connect seamlessly with your favorite data-logging programs for a deep dive into the art and science of coffee roasting.

SF10-000-AC R-A-v2



Finance this incredible Roaster today, from just $885/month and get your coffee roasting business started. If you have a credit score of just 640 with two years in business,  you can get fast approval from our finance corporation and invest in a coffee roasting machine that is built to last a lifetime

Click here to get started


Guaranteed for Life

Each San Franciscan Roaster™ is covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. The SF10 10lb coffee roaster also comes with guaranteed personal support for the roaster’s entire lifetime. This lifetime warranty applies solely to the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. The warranty covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship, and is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts.

All third-party components including engines, bearings, and moveable parts in the Roaster are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase. These parts are built to last a lifetime and usually do

While problems are rare with our roasting machines, our team is always available to troubleshoot and answer questions. Simply call or email us and our support team will provide the necessary assistance in a quick, succinct manner.

SF-10 Image Gallery

San Franciscan SF-10 commercial coffee roaster in action
SF-10 Small-batch commercial coffee roaster on location
San Franciscan SF-10 commercial coffee roasting machine close up of controls
SF-10 Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine
SF-10-commercial coffee roasting machine cooling tray
A New SF10: 10lb/5kg small batch commercial coffee roaster on location
SF-6 commercial coffee roasting machine close up of the drum
San Franciscan SF-10 commercial coffee roaster cooling tray
San Franciscan SF-10 bronze finish
A beautiful new white SF10: 10lb/5kg commercial coffee roasting machine
The roasting controls for a SF10: 10lb/5kg small batch commercial coffee roaster
A beautiful white SF10: 10lb/5kg commercial coffee roasting machine
A black and bronze SF10: 10lb/5kg commercial coffee roaster
Roasting coffee on a SF10: 10lb/5kg commercial coffee roasting machine

What other Roast-masters think of San Franciscan Roasters

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"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care."

Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC

“Love the company and our roaster is, hands down, the best built in the world.”
Timothy Styczynski
Bridge Coffee

"Owned a SF 25 Sanfran roaster since 1992. Still going strong! Best roaster in the market in my opinion."
Brent Kennedy
Fin + Field Coffee

"We are a small batch roaster in Birmingham, AL, roasting on an SF-6. I couldn’t ask for a better roaster to roast on."
Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab

"These roasters are extremely well made"

We purchased a 10 pound roaster for our Reserve coffees for Corvus Coffee. We've had nothing but excellent experiences both with the machine and the support! These roasters are extremely well made, and the 10 pounder has great control of airflow and gas/heat. The team at SF is always responsive to the (very few) questions or needs we've had with the machine. Probably buying more SF roasters going forward.

Phil Goodlaxson
Corvus Coffee
from Google reviews)

Mitch Josephs Owner - Master Roaster at Village Roasters LLC with his SF-10 roaster

"I love my SF-10"

"I love my SF-10. I had roasted for 6 years at a local shop on a 25 and when I decided to take roasting into my own hands a San Franciscan was what I knew I wanted. Bill Kennedy and Chris Kenney were such a pleasure to work with. My roaster arrived during Thanksgiving and I had a few questions while setting it up with my local HVAC techs. Understandably during the Holidays these hard workers need some time off. Wouldn’t you know it I found myself talking to Bill on his personal phone while he was out of the office. Customer service like this does not exist in our world today. This is less of a review and more of a thank you. Thank you San Franciscan Roaster Company for helping me realize my potential for a career in coffee. Thank you for helping me open my doors on time and allowing me to capitalize on the holiday season. Thank you for putting your absolute all into providing me with unparalleled customer service. To anyone at San Franciscan that took part in getting my SF-10 to her home in my roastery, thank you.."

Mitch Josephs
Owner - Master Roaster at Village Roasters LLC

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