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Coffee Roasting Training Classes


Why are coffee roasting courses important?

Mastering the coffee roasting process is essential for a roaster to consistently produce high-quality coffee. Even if you're using an automated coffee roasting machine, it's important to know what the machine is actually doing.

This is why we have put such an emphasis on coffee roasting programs, with regular coffee roasting classes held all year round.

To improve the quality of our coffee training, we recently engaged US Roasting Champion, Mark Michaelson to head our education. Mark has taken our coffee roasting courses to a whole new level.

Roastmasters can now hone their skills in a coffee roaster course with a trainer of the highest calibre.

Here’s why it is so critical for coffee professionals to understanding the roasting process:

Maximizing Flavor Development

Different stages of the roasting process require different types of heat application. By learning to control these stages manually, a roaster can maximize flavor development and minimize defects. This skill is especially important when dealing with high-quality, specialty beans where every nuance in flavor is valuable.

Enhancing Consistency and Predictability

A deep understanding of the roasting process helps in achieving consistency—a key attribute in coffee roasting. A knowledge of how beans from different origins and with different moisture contents react to heat is invaluable. It allows the roaster to make informed adjustments that lead to predictable and repeatable results.

Innovation and Customization

Roasters who are well-versed in the mechanics of their roasting equipment and the principles of coffee roasting are better equipped to innovate and customize their coffee offerings. This can lead to the development of signature roasts or specialized blends that can distinguish a coffee business in a competitive market.

We believe in the specialty coffee industry and strive to help roasters with guidance and knowledge through our coffee skills programs. You don't have to own a San Franciscan Roaster to participate in our programs. Coffee roaster training can help roasters, regardless of what machine they work on, provided it gives them some degree of control.

Whether you’re just getting started in the specialty coffee roasting industry or you’d like to gain more knowledge in the art of roasting, we have options available to provide all the insight you require.

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. It's a delicate dance of temperature and time that transforms raw, green coffee beans into the aromatic, flavorful beans that we enjoy. For anyone serious about crafting the perfect cup of coffee, learning to roast is invaluable.


Why train on a San Franciscan Roaster?

This training is invaluable, regardless of what coffee roasting machine you own or are about to buy. This is because the San Franciscan roaster is designed to give you complete control over every aspect of the roasting process. This machine not only offers precision but also imparts a deep understanding of the that process.

This knowledge can elevate one's roasting skills across any type of equipment, including fully automated systems.

Here are a few reasons why mastering this machine is crucial for any aspiring roaster

Complete Control Over Roasting Variables

The San Franciscan roaster provides control over every variable in the roasting process—from airflow and drum speed to temperature and roast time. This level of control is critical for understanding how slight adjustments can affect the flavor, aroma, and body of the coffee.

Such precision ensures that the roaster can consistently experiment with new roasting profiles to create unique coffee experiences.

Hands-On Learning and Skill Development

Learning to roast on a machine that requires manual adjustment, forces the roaster to engage deeply with the process. It involves constant monitoring, decision-making, and adjustment based on sensory feedback.

This hands-on approach is essential to develop a roaster’s sensory skills, allowing them to detect subtle changes in bean color, aroma, and sound.



I really enjoyed the roasting class with Jodi and Mark, it was so insightful and fun. I was beyond excited to learn from two such amazing and knowledgeable instructors.

The class setting was perfect. They kept the class small, so it could be customized. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants to tune in their roasting skills. 
I felt I was walking on a foggy street, and this class helped me with direction and clarity. Hope I could have the opportunities to learn more from them in the future! 

The class was only two days, but was very well structured and balanced -- I wish it could be longer though. Loved it so much!!"

Yudi Guo

Transferable Knowledge and Versatility

The skills and insights gained from roasting on a San Franciscan Roaster can be transferable to other roasting machines, including automated systems. Understanding the nuances of how beans react to different heat applications and roasting phases allows a roaster to better set up automated profiles. Even with fully automated roasters, knowing what’s happening inside the drum helps in troubleshooting, quality control, and fine-tuning roasts to achieve specific characteristics.


"They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!"

San Franciscan Roaster Co. were so helpful and worked with us from the beginning (our first phone call with them) to our first roasting experience. They helped with deciding which roaster size would be best for our size business. We were put in contact with other coffee roasters who had purchased a San Franciscan Roaster to get feedback. We met some very awesome people who have had the San Franciscan Coffee Roaster for well over a decade and loved it!

The San Franciscan SF6 Coffee Roaster has been reliable and very easy on maintenance. Since we are in a very rural area (the mountains), they were able to guide us through standard maintenance and then some. We have been operating our SF6 Coffee Roaster now for 2 years and have not had any problems.

The roasting process with the San Franciscan is great...our coffee has had very high praise. They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!

If one day we decide to double our business we would definitely buy another San Franciscan Coffee Roaster!

Gary & Mary Ann, Owners Happy Trails Cafe, LLC

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