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hCoffee Roasting Training Classes

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Training is Necessary for Beginners and Experts Alike

Coffee roasting can be seen as an art form that requires dedication and hard work in order to persevere. The San Franciscan Roaster Company strives to offer our clients as much guidance as possible when it comes to coffee roasting. Whether you’re just getting started in the specialty coffee roasting industry or you’d like to gain a bit more knowledge in the art of roasting, we have options available to provide all the insight you require!

Our Place or Yours?

Our head trainer, Mark Michaelson, is available for intensive one-on-one or small group courses throughout the US and Canada including our flagship facility in Carson City, NV. Learn from a world renowned champion roaster and operate your coffee roasting machine at peak performance at a scheduled event or contact us to schedule a private session.

I really enjoyed the roasting class with Jodi and Mark, it was so insightful and fun. I was beyond excited to learn from two such amazing and knowledgeable instructors.
The class setting was perfect. They kept the class small, so it could be customized. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants to tune in their roasting skills. 
I felt I was walking on a foggy street, and this class helped me with direction and clarity. Hope I could have the opportunities to learn more from them in the future! 
The class was only two days, but was very well structured and balanced -- I wish it could be longer though. Loved it so much!!"


Gather Coffee Co.

We are so excited to partner with Gather Coffee Company to offer roasting courses. The next course will be taught by Mark Michaelson and Jodi Wieser in Sterling, Kansas.

Because the class size is limited to no more than 8 students, much of the course will be customizable to your needs and interests.

This two-day class will cover:
Roast Profiling
Cupping for Roast Evaluation
Using Roasting Software
How Airflow Impacts Flavor
Omni Roasting vs. Espresso Roasting
And much more. 


Bald Guy Brew

The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster Company has partnered with Bald Guy Brew Roaster Co. to create the Coffee Roasting Institute - Blue Ridge Campus, an official SCA-certified premier training campus in Boone, North Carolina. A specially chosen team of certified roaster instructors will teach students the necessary skills to successfully operate a coffee roasting business. If you are not a roaster and you’d like to learn how to roast, join our institute! Classes at the Coffee Roasting Institute have a 1:6 instructor to student ratio in order to provide the optimal level of attention. With six San Franciscan roasters, the Coffee Roasting Institute is the perfect place to gain as much knowledge as possible on how to best use your roaster. Classes are specifically designed to suit your needs. For more information on The Coffee Roasting Institute and available classes, click here.

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Get Acquainted with Your San Franciscan Roaster

If you purchase a coffee roaster from the San Franciscan Roaster Company, you’re invited to come to our factory in Carson City, Nevada to learn how to roast on our machines. It may be necessary for roastmasters to learn how to roast on our machines specifically since they differ from other industrial roasters. Our team will gladly train you on how to use our machines. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make the most out of your San Franciscan roaster!

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Your Roaster

Beginners and experts alike can benefit tremendously from our training programs and coffee roasting classes. It is our goal to impart as much knowledge as possible to our clients. If you’re ready to harness the power of your San Franciscan roaster, contact us today!

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