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The San Franciscan Roaster Company's SF-75/35kg industrial coffee roaster

With a capacity of 300lbs/hr, the SF-75 is perfect for artisan roasters with several coffee houses or a strong presence in grocery stores

The SF-75 is the largest in The San Franciscan Roaster™ line of commercial coffee roasters. It’s a Manual Coffee Roaster with a comfortable low-profile operator interface and the classic “The San Franciscan Roaster”™ styling making it possible to use as a feature in a larger coffee house.

For the artesan roaster, the SF-75 features independent 3-phase motors with variable speed capability controls on drum drive and hot air for those who desire precise control over conductive/convective heat transfer

The SF-75 is environmentally friendly, featuring an energy saving, low NOx Afterburner with modulating controller which cleanses both hot and cooling air.

Each SF-75 features an optional degree of customization to suit individual requirements, such as a modified hot and cooling air venting, afterburner, and cyclone-chaff collector to suit low ceilings. Your artwork or logo can also be cut out of steel and mounted on the afterburner making your roaster the centerpiece of your coffee house.

Although the SF-75 is a manual roaster, it can be easily fitted with a roaster controller, for programmed roast profiles. It is the most flexible large capacity roaster on the market, giving you the same degree of control on your roast as you have with our smaller roasters.

Specifications for the 75lb/35kg San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-75

  • Maximum Hourly Capacity : 300 lbs.
  • Weight : 1850 lbs. Roaster
  • Floor Space : 60″W x 96″L x 94″H
  • Hot Air Exhaust : 10″ diameter pipe/Afterburner 16″ID Afterburner
  • Voltage : 220 Volts 1/Phz or 220-440-480 Volts 3/Phz
  • Amperage : 35 Amps
  • BTU’s : 300,000 BTU/hr Roaster – 1MBTU Afterburner
  • Gas Pressure : 7″ W/C Nat. Gas, 11″ W/C Propane
  • Gas Line Requirements : 1 1/4″
  • Water Quench : 1/2″ Pipe Thread
  • Comfortable low-profile operator interface.
  • Classic “The San Franciscan Roaster”™ styling.
  • Instrumentation to include data logging capability with multiple inputs.
  • Independent 3-phase motors with variable speed capability controls on drum drive and hot air for those who desire precise control over conductive/convective heat transfer.
  • Powder coated “customer choice” color.
  • Low NOx Afterburner with modulating controller is both energy-saving and better for the environment.
  • Afterburner solution cleanses both hot and cooling air (requires 16″ ID exhaust system).
  • Hot and cooling air venting, afterburner, and cyclone-chaff collector can be modified for low ceiling (12ft) (Optional).
  • Client “art” custom cut logo in steel can be mounted on the afterburner.
  • Pneumatic systems with alarm.
  • Water quench system with alarm.
  • Roaster controller for programmed roast profiles available.
  • Completely fabricated in our facility in Carson City, Nevada using only the best grade mild steel and components built in the USA.

Features of the 75lb/35kg San Franciscan Roaster Model SF-75

  • San Franciscan Roasters are hand-made in the USA.
  • All components used are made in the USA and parts can be purchased in the USA and worldwide.
  • The roaster is a continuous batch roaster – it roasts and cools at the same time; therefore you can do four roasts per hour (300 lbs).
  • Roasting time is 13 to 15 minutes.
  • Maintenance is easy and simple. The pipes are exterior and can be taken off to clean by removing the band clamps. Cooling tray detaches easily for cleaning.
  • Minimal maintenance is required – Lubrication of bearings every 30 days.
  • The cooling sweep pivots off of lifetime bearings so no lubricating is necessary.
  • The chaff cyclone is in the cylinder which sets beside the roaster, making it much easier to clean.
  • Broken beans can be removed easily, due to the design of the ash tray on the front of the machine.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster has four independent 3-phase motors with variable speed capability controls.
  • Cooling tray sweep (which is pivoted off 2 lifetime bearings).
  • Drum sweep.
  • Hot air fan.
  • Cooling fan.
  • The San Franciscan is ETL approved  as all electrical components meet the Electrical Testing Laboratory regulations.
  • Hot air flow is controlled through the roaster chamber by a hot air damper.
  • The roaster lights automatically and the burner is easily seen through a sight hole.All San Franciscans are powder coated with powder baked on at 400°F making the surface very durable.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster is made of 100% schedule 40 steel and contains no cast iron to enable it to withstand constant heating and cooling without any deterioration.
  • The face plates are 5/8ths inch steel.
  • San Franciscan Roasters are compatible with most data-logging programs and your choice of data logger can easily be built into your new roaster.
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