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The Coffee Roaster Drum Debate - Single Wall vs Double Wall

Posted by The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Tue, Jun, 18, 2024 @ 01:06 AM


Coffee roasting is an art and science, with the equipment used playing a crucial role in determining the final flavor profile of the coffee. Among the various types of roasting machines, drum roasters are popular for their consistency and control. Within this category, there are single wall drum roasters and double wall drum roasters. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks, impacting the roasting process and the final product.

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Coffee Processing Equipment and Repair....Coffee PER!

Posted by Bill Kennedy

Sat, Jun, 15, 2024 @ 03:06 AM

Many people have heard of "The San Franciscan Roaster" but have no idea who "Coffee PER" is. So here is the story....

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Why conductive heating is important for roasting coffee beans and the importance of quality steel

Posted by The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Mon, Jun, 10, 2024 @ 03:06 AM

Bill-bw-portraitAn interview with Bill Kennedy of the San Franciscan Roaster Co. 

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How to Become an Artisan Coffee Roaster

Posted by The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Wed, Feb, 22, 2023 @ 06:02 AM

Two hands holding coffee beans above a coffee roaster in Nevada.


There are few things in life as satisfying or enjoyable as a delicious cup of artisan coffee. It can serve as a tasty treat, a delightful afternoon pick-me-up, or the perfect way to start your day. However, brewing the perfect cup of coffee is more complex than most people realize and takes training and knowledge to perfect. 

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Types of Commercial Coffee Roasters

Posted by The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Wed, Jan, 25, 2023 @ 06:01 AM

b&w roaster

When roasting delicious coffee, nothing's more important than the type of roaster you use. Your roaster will determine how soluble, flavorful, and aromatic your coffee is. Therefore, unless you want a bland brew or blend, you should invest in a high-quality commercial coffee roaster

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