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San Franciscan Roaster™ Merch

The Legendary San Franciscan Roaster™ Logo on Coffee Mugs, Shirts & Shot Glasses

San Franciscan Roaster™ merchandise embodies the spirit and quality associated with our renowned coffee roasters. Our collection includes caps, mugs, and stickers, each proudly displaying the distinctive, legendary San Franciscan Roaster™ logo. The logo, recognized for its elegance and heritage, adds a touch of authenticity and pride to each item, making them perfect for coffee enthusiasts and supporters of artisanal roasting.


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“I love the quality that the machine puts out”

“We’re known around this area for quality coffee and If I didn’t have a San Franciscan, I don’t know that I would have that quality. I have roasted with other people on other roasters and I don’t believe that I could get that quality with other roasters.”
Landin Roser
San Rafael Coffee
Carson City NV

“It would work 24 hours a day if we let it”

“It’s Consistent, I love it. The machines themselves, once they get up to temperature and Robbie gets them throttled right, they’re steady. This thing would work 24 hours a day if we let it. As we grow, we will buy another San Franciscan.”
Dennis and Rob Planje
El Dorado Roasting Co. LLC
El Dorado Hills, CA

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