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Commercial Coffee Roasting Machines

Perfectly roasted coffee with the best coffee roasting machine

The Perfect cup of coffee does not Just happen randomly

IThe perfect cup of coffee starts with quality coffee beans. The green beans must then go through a process which should bring out their best flavor. With a commercial coffee roaster machine.

The roasting process literally makes or breaks a great coffee brew. A quality coffee roasting machine will allow the roastmaster to work their magic on those beans. But, a poor-quality commercial roasting machine can inevitably reduce them to a bitter, acidic tasting brew. resembling something you’d typically get from a fast-food drive through.

The secret is control and consistency. The right combination conduction, convection and radiant heating, is needed at each stage of the roast. A commercial drum roaster is best, made of high quality US steel, with no impurities to impend the even spread of heat. A little convection heating is needed to burn the impurities, but too much will also remove the flavor.

That’s what it takes to create a cup of coffee people rave about. Coffee they will come back for, year after year.

The 3-step Formula for roasting perfect coffee



A good cup of coffee starts with quality beans, grown in remote locations at high altitudes. We're lucky to have them, so it’s almost a crime to destroy them with a poor quality coffee roaster.



Expertise from training with masters in the craft of coffee roasting. That’s why San Franciscan employ some of the best roasters in the business and hold regular training sessions for our clients.



Consistency comes from a coffee roaster made of quality materials, that responds perfectly to your controls. It disperses heat evenly and gives you consistency throughout your roasts. 


Guaranteed for Life

Each San Franciscan Roaster™ is covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. Additionally, all of our roasters come with guaranteed personal support for the roaster’s entire lifetime. This lifetime warranty applies solely to the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. The warranty covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship and is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts.
All third-party components meanwhile, such as engines, bearings, and moveable parts incorporated in the Roaster are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Though they are built to last a lifetime and usually do.
While it is rare for our machines to face problems, our team is always available to troubleshoot and answer questions. Simply call or email us and a member of our support team will provide the necessary assistance in a quick, succinct manner.

"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care"
Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC
(from Google reviews)

“The manual aspect of San Franciscan roasters are unparalleled. We tried several roaster manufacturers before finding San Franciscan; we won't go back!”
Sam Kjellberg
Co-Founder | Head of Coffee

"Easy to clean, operate, troubleshoot....you name it"
Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab

"Beautiful roaster! A center piece of our cafe"
 Ohio Roasting Company
(from Google reviews)

The Secret of our Commercial Coffee Roasters

At San the Franciscan Roaster Co., we don’t compromise on quality. We make our roasting drums with high quality US steel, because it does not contain impurities like imported steel. US steel disperses heat consistently, ensuring an even roast. Every single time.

San Franciscan coffee roasters are designed to give you complete control of all heating at every stage of the roast. You can combine automation with manual control. Once you have created your signature roast, you can relax and automate the process. Our Cropster Replay automation will consistently repeat that roast, over and over — without any variations

The build quality of San Franciscan Roasters is legendary. Provided they are cleaned and maintained, they will continue to produce beautiful roasts, consistently, for decades. Outlasting cheaper, knock-off roasters many times over.

This ensures you get an outstanding return on investment. You also have the satisfaction of being counted among an elite group of roastmasters.

Aim to be the best, with your coffee roasting business. The Gold Standard of coffee roasting machines — a San Franciscan Roaster™ — could be within your reach. Fill out the form and start the process today. 

"They've built a world class team around their world class roasters"

"The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster Co. has built a world class team around their world class roasters. Every person we have had the pleasure of working with is extremely knowledgeable in their craft and it shows in their final product. We have been using the same workhorse SF-25 for almost 30 years, so when it finally came time to purchase a new roaster we had no doubt it would be another San Franciscan. The American craftsmanship and American steel insure we will have another 30 years with our new SF-25. The pride they take in their craft shows and it allows us to take pride in ours."

Nick Harris

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What You Should Know About Our Commercial Coffee Roasting Machines


At the San Franciscan Roaster Company, our team builds the best coffee roasting equipment for commercial use, in the world. We achieve this by paying close attention to every detail. We don't compromise on components - we use only the best US-made bearings, motors and fittings.

When you invest in a coffee roaster for commercial use, you need reliability, consistently and ease of maintenance. That's why we hand fabricate our commercial coffee roasters, to give you the performance you expect, time and time again.

Materials — Commercial Drum Coffee Roasters Built with 100% Schedule 40 Domestic Steel

Unlike cheaper roasters, built with lower-quality imported steel, we don't compromise on quality. Every a San Franciscan Roaster™ is hand-fabricated, using 100% schedule 40 US steel. 

Our commercial coffee roasters yield more even heat diffusion characteristics, resulting in precision-conductive heating transfer. Domestic steel is strong and tough but not tempered. The temperature of the entire inside drum surface remains consistent while you roast. This is purely because of the superb heat diffusion characteristics of US mild carbon steel.

Single-Walled Drums — Precision-Conducting Heating Transfer Capabilities

While some manufacturers will tell you that double-walled drums are best, this is because they are using inferior steel with poor conductive properties. To cover for the uneven heating and lack of control, they are forced to use a double wall.  Read more about the single-wall vs double-wall debate.

Our single-walled drums are more responsive to heating controls. They give roastmasters the ability to get as involved with the roasting process as is possible. For that reason, We avoid double-wall drums on our roasters as they limit the control you have with heat application.  

All Our Machines are Proudly Hand-made in the USA

In addition to only using US made material and components, we also build every machine by hand, at our factory in Carson City, Nevada. Each roaster is lovingly custom-built with your exact needs and specifications in mind. 

A Wide Range of Personalization Options 

With thousands of color choices available, your San Franciscan Roaster™ can be tailor-made, in your coffee house’s brand colors, complete with your logo. When a product boasts the “Made in the USA” distinction, people notice. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and want to make our customers proud of their purchase.

Commercial Coffee Roaster Specifications

Drum & Chassis

  • Hand-fabricated, 100% schedule 40 steel
  • Single-wall, domestic steel drums 
  • Precision-conductive heating transfer 
  • Built completely in the United States
  • Face-plates are ¼” steel
  • Stainless steel cooling tray
  • Powder-coated to provide a durable finish
  • 650 color options


  • Designed and built with Magnehelic gauges to measure pressure

Power & Technology

  • High-quality American-made motors
  • Roasters come with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pursue gauge and hot-air control
  • Compatible with most data-logging programs
    • Automation options available such as Cropster Replay
  • Variable speed drums
  • Damper and variable speed air fan 
  • Cool air fan in SF-10 and above


  • Gas roasters
  • Outfitted for natural gas or propane (option for adaptability)
  • 110v (SF1-SF6) 
  • 220 v (SF10-SF25)

ANSI Certification

  • ANSI and CSA Certified/NSF Certified
  • ETL Listed

Installation & Maintenance

  • Pipes and motors are on the exterior and can be taken off for cleaning
  • Cooling tray detaches for easy cleaning
  • Chaff cyclone sits behind the roaster, making it much easier to clean
  • Fan motor assembly can be completely removed

"We love their old style look mixed with good electronics"

"We have two 25lb San Franciscan roasters named Frannie and Cisco. As Roastmaster, I love roasting on these two work horses. I roast simultaneously on both of them, with no problem. We love their old style look mixed with good electronics. If maintainence is kept up, they will work well. As a good companion, we roast all our samples on our 1lb San Franciscan, keeping them harmonious with our roasting process."

Paul Allen - Roastmaster Caravan Coffee

Control of the Craft with State-of-the-Art Data Logging Technology

By utilizing excellent data-logging software such as Cropster and Artisan, today’s generation of coffee roasters is able to embrace creativity and experimentation. Having all the right data points is essential, but it doesn’t necessarily result in the perfect roast, time and again. 

Sometimes the data might say a roast should be perfect, but your coffee roasting intuition may say otherwise. This is why we designed San Franciscan roasters to allow the roastmaster to intervene when necessary. This allows you to tweak every roast, embracing (and controling) the craft as completely as possible!

Roastmasters must be able to embrace the craft of commercial coffee roasting, and our roasters make that a reality! San Franciscan Roasters lead the way, in keeping the spirit of artistry alive in the world of specialty coffee roasting

At the San Franciscan Roaster Company, we have a saying, don’t fear the craft; embrace it!” People assume that technology can save them from mistakes. But technology can very easily go wrong, when the slightest input errors are made. More often than not, people are afraid to use their own senses to bring correction to a roast. 


Meticulously Designed for Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance


Not only is commercial coffee roaster maintenance important, but it’s also crucial to keep the machine operating smoothly. That's why each San Franciscan Roaster™ is designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

Roastmasters are able to get to every part of their San Franciscan roaster easily. Everything is easy to access and parts are removable. This makes cleaning less of a chore and ensures your roaster continues to operate efficiently.

A Lifetime Warranty with Maintenance Assistance!

Industrial coffee roasting equipment is a substantial investment, so it's important to start getting a return as quickly as possible. To make your ownership of your roaster seamless and frustration-free our team is on-hand to provide the training you need to get started. 

As well as a lifetime warranty on materials and fabrication, you get lifetime maintenance assistance by phone or through email. You're also covered by a 1-year warranty on all moving parts, like bearings and the motor. Although these components consistently last for years, we're limited by the manufacturer's warranty.

Contact the San Franciscan Roaster Company Today!

Every San Franciscan Roaster™ is made proportionally, so you can duplicate roasts across our entire line of machines. In fact, you won't even be able to tell the difference in roasts from different machines in blind cuppings! This is particularly useful for roastmasters who like to develop premium profiles to easily duplicate on a larger roaster

So many details go into the design and construction of our machines, that this page only really scratches the surface. Our goal is to offer the best commercial coffee roasters on the market. 

If you’d like to delve deeper into our commercial coffee roaster equipment or if you’re ready to purchase a new machine, give us a call now at 775-996-2280

We look forward to speaking with you.

Witness the true pleasure that comes from embracing the craft of coffee roasting today!

"They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!"

San Franciscan Roaster Co. were so helpful and worked with us from the beginning (our first phone call with them) to our first roasting experience. They helped with deciding which roaster size would be best for our size business. We were put in contact with other coffee roasters who had purchased a San Franciscan Roaster to get feedback. We met some very awesome people who have had the San Franciscan Coffee Roaster for well over a decade and loved it!

The San Franciscan SF6 Coffee Roaster has been reliable and very easy on maintenance. Since we are in a very rural area (the mountains), they were able to guide us through standard maintenance and then some. We have been operating our SF6 Coffee Roaster now for 2 years and have not had any problems.

The roasting process with the San Franciscan is great...our coffee has had very high praise. They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!

If one day we decide to double our business we would definitely buy another San Franciscan Coffee Roaster!

Gary & Mary Ann, Owners Happy Trails Cafe, LLC

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