The San Franciscan Roaster line of commercial coffee roasters

The SF-1

One pound/ 600 gram San Franciscan Coffee Roaster

The best made sample/profile roaster on the market, with the same workmanship and roasting characteristics as our larger machines. For Profiling, and roasting high-end micro-lot boutique coffees.

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The SF-6

The 6lb/ 3 kg San Franciscan Coffee Roaster

The popular 6lb/3kg roaster, Robust and attractive. The perfect roaster for smaller coffee houses and farmers’ markets, we believe this is the best small-batch roaster available anywhere today.

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The SF-25

The San Franciscan Roaster Company's SF-25 lb/12kg coffee roaster

This 25lb/12kg roaster is a beautiful centerpiece for any coffeehouse or roasting facility. It’s meticulously handcrafted to your exact specifications in the USA using only the best locally made components.

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The SF-75

The San Franciscan Roaster Company's SF-75/35kg industrial coffee roaster

This 75lb/34Kgs roaster is among the quietest roasters in the world for this size. Robust, yet easy to handle and responsive to the most discerning of roast-master controls. Can be fitted with a profile following controller.

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Hand crafting your coffee roaster in Carson City Nevada

An American Legend

For years The San Franciscan Coffee Roasters have been the American Legend of the coffee processing industry. They have become the featured centerpiece of coffee houses and roasting facilities across the country.

The retro styling, stout, solid build accented with solid brass fixtures and decorative side plaques, makes the San Franciscan stand out from a crowd of mundane, automated coffee-factory ‘appliances’.

The durability and ease of maintenance make these roasters the investment of choice for coffee business owners wanting peace of mind and a quality product.

They are built for serious coffee professionals. People who truly love the art of roasting and want full control over their roast – the ability to innovate and achieve perfection.

Each San Franciscan is lovingly hand built from the ground up. Crafted with premium steel, to old-world standards. They’re proudly made in the USA, using only the highest quality components from the USA.