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Commercial Coffee Roasters for Sale 


Coffee Roasters that become Featured Centerpieces

San Franciscan Roasters are of superb quality, built without compromise. They are proudly built by hand in the United States, using only American-made components and materials. 

San Franciscan coffee roasting machines have been American legends of the coffee processing industry for many years. With their classic beauty, they often become the featured centerpieces of coffee houses and roasting facilities around the world.

San Franciscan Coffee roasters stand out from everything else on the market. You can't miss the unmistakably classic styling and the stout, solid build. This is accented with fixtures and decorative side plaques, crafted in solid brass .

Designed for unbridled durability and ease of maintenance, the San Franciscan Roaster is  the perfect investment for coffee business owners. Of all the different coffee roaster machines for sale, only San Franciscan Roasters will give you the peace of mind that comes with owning a product built to last a lifetime. Our coffee roasters are truly built for serious coffee professionals


Embracing the Craft of Roasting with a San Franciscan™

Coffee roasting is an art form. As such, roastmasters need to be unencumbered to be able to produce true art.

More often than not, modern coffee roaster machines are completely automated,  with computerized assistance. The "art of the craft" has become the world’s slowest video game, with many roastmasters now sitting behind a monitor, waiting for the bars to reach a certain level on the screen.

Although data-logging technology is still incredibly useful and pertinent to the art form, it is overused. San Franciscan™ coffee roasting machines are designed to also allow roastmasters to also use their sense of smell, sight, and taste to craft the perfect roast.

We also incorporate data-logging technology into the process through third-party software, so you can log your coffee roasting escapades.

By marrying modernity with classic design, we give you the freedom to create while still maintaining consistency, using a product that will last for generations.

You can truly embrace the craft of coffee roasting with a San Franciscan

The Classic Design of San Franciscan Drum Roasters

San Franciscan Roasters have a legacy of classic design. Not purely for aesthetics, but also for practicality. Drum roasters are preferred by artisan coffee roasters, as they give the roastmaster complete control over all heating throughout the roast.

The drum vs air debate has been going on for decades. It has been fueled by manufacturers of different machines, with a vested interest in promoting their products. However, our experience has been that roastmasters prefer the versatility of drum roasting. They also prefer using a mix of convection, conduction and radiant heating that you can't get from an air roaster.

To get a better understanding of what our roasters are capable of, visit our headquarters in Carson City, Nevada. We offer hands-on training to those who purchase a San Franciscan Roaster™. This way, you’ll be able to learn how to use your new San Franciscan™ to the best of your abilities.

The San Franciscan 1lb/500g Coffee roasting machine

The SF-1

The undisputed best-made sample/profile roaster on the market. The SF1 boasts the same workmanship and roasting characteristics as our larger machines. This small-batch roaster is capable of 500 grams of green coffee per batch with up to three batches per hour. Perfect for profiling and roasting high-end micro-lot boutique coffees.

Learn more about the SF-1

The San Franciscan 6lb/3kg Coffee roasting machine

The SF-6

The SF6 is one of our most popular coffee roasting machines. This 6lb/3kg coffee roasting machine is robust and attractive, making it the perfect roaster for smaller coffee houses and farmers markets. You'll often find an SF-6 displayed in the background of a popular coffee house - adding a touch of class to their decor.

Learn more about the SF-6

The San Franciscan 10lb/5kg Coffee roasting machine

The SF-10

The newest addition to our lineup, the robust and beautiful SF10 roasts up to 10lbs/5kg per batch, without any need of afterburners. The SF10 is our most versatile roasting machine. Its roasting capacity gives roastmasters the ability to roast large batches, while bypassing the need for permits for emissions.

Learn more about the SF-10

The San Franciscan 25lb/12kg Coffee roasting machine

The SF-25

This 25lb/12kg roaster is a beautiful centerpiece for any coffeehouse or roasting facility. A classic roasting machine, meticulously handcrafted to your exact specifications. It is completely USA-made, using only the best locally made components. Guaranteed to give you decades or roasting pleasure.

Learn more about the SF-25

The San Franciscan 75lb/34kg Coffee roasting machine

The SF-75

This 75lb/34Kgs roaster is among the quietest roasters in the world for this size. Robust, yet easy to handle and responsive, even  to the most discerning of roast-master controls. It can also be fitted with a profile following controller, to allow a degree of automation if required. Truly a roasting legend.

Learn more about the SF-75

How Our Coffee Roasters Stand Apart From the Rest

All San Franciscan Roasters are designed and built to suit the needs of even the most discerning roastmaster. Our coffee roasters provide total control over the roast, giving you the ability to innovate and achieve perfection.

Here are some characteristics that make our coffee roasting machines stand out from the rest:

  • 100% American built with American components
  • Ability to control both conductive and convective heat
  • SF-25 and SF-75 come standard with afterburners
  • Variable drum rotation speed
  • Hot air damper and variable speed hot-air fan
  • All roasters can run on propane or natural gas
A happy owner with a SF-25 commercial roasting machine

"We love their old style look mixed with good electronics"

"We have two 25lb San Franciscan roasters named Frannie and Cisco. As Roastmaster, I love roasting on these two work horses. I roast simultaneously on both of them, with no problem. We love their old style look mixed with good electronics. If maintainence is kept up, they will work well. As a good companion, we roast all our samples on our 1lb San Franciscan, keeping them harmonious with our roasting process."

Paul Allen - Roastmaster Caravan Coffee

"They've built a world class team around their world class roasters"

"The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster Co. has built a world class team around their world class roasters. Every person we have had the pleasure of working with is extremely knowledgeable in their craft and it shows in their final product. We have been using the same workhorse SF-25 for almost 30 years, so when it finally came time to purchase a new roaster we had no doubt it would be another San Franciscan. The American craftsmanship and American steel insure we will have another 30 years with our new SF-25. The pride they take in their craft shows and it allows us to take pride in ours." 

Nick Harris @petelumacoffee

"They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!"

San Franciscan Roaster Co. were so helpful and worked with us from the beginning (our first phone call with them) to our first roasting experience. They helped with deciding which roaster size would be best for our size business. We were put in contact with other coffee roasters who had purchased a San Franciscan Roaster to get feedback. We met some very awesome people who have had the San Franciscan Coffee Roaster for well over a decade and loved it!

The San Franciscan SF6 Coffee Roaster has been reliable and very easy on maintenance. Since we are in a very rural area (the mountains), they were able to guide us through standard maintenance and then some. We have been operating our SF6 Coffee Roaster now for 2 years and have not had any problems.

The roasting process with the San Franciscan is great...our coffee has had very high praise. They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!

If one day we decide to double our business we would definitely buy another San Franciscan Coffee Roaster!

Gary & Mary Ann, Owners Happy Trails Cafe, LLC

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