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The San Franciscan SF-6: 6lb/3kg Small Batch Coffee Roaster


SF6: 6lb/3kg coffee roaster

The SF6 is one of the San Franciscan Roaster Company’s most popular roasters. This is because of its robust platform which roasts from 2.2 pounds (1 kg) to 6.6 pounds (3 kg) of green coffee per batch. The SF6 is perfect for cafes and coffee houses wanting something around the size of a 5lb coffee roaster.

The SF6 makes a perfect centerpiece for any coffee house. A 3kg coffee roaster, it's small enough to take to farmers markets, fairs and festivals. To assist with this, we have developed a specialty farmers market kit. It includes Amish-made hickory cartwheels with sealed bearings, rubber tires, a propane hookup and mount, and handles.

The kit can be adapted to fit any existing SF6 roaster. The SF6 is robust and attractive, with an international reputation as one of the best small batch coffee roasters available. It is the perfect alternative to any 5 pound coffee roaster on the market, with a better build quality and more control for the roastmaster.

Quality Components and Ease of Maintenance

The SF-6 is the best small batch coffee roaster in the world. This is because we hand-build these machines using only the best quality US-made materials available. We also specifically design every roaster to make cleaning and maintenance as simple as possible.

Like all our other roasters, the SF6, is made using the finest motors, bearings, gas and electrical components. This small batch coffee roasting machine comes equipped with self-igniting burners and a pressure gage to monitor BTU output.

Cleaning and maintenance are important for industrial machines, particularly for small batch coffee roasters. For this reason, the motors, pipes, and cooling tray on the SF-6 are removable for easy cleaning. Our roasters are known around the world for their superb roasting characteristics, remarkable reliability, and simplicity of use. Check out our small batch coffee roasters blog for more information.

Roasting coffee with the San Franciscan SF-6, 6lb/3kg commercial coffee roasting machineCombining Traditional Design With Advanced Technology

Not only is the SF6 robust and beautiful, but it’s also highly advanced. Just like our larger commercial coffee roasters, the SF6 includes temperature probes to measure bean mass and the temperature inside the drum. This information is displayed on a dual-digital meter simultaneously during the roast. It provides roastmasters with the exact knowledge they need at every stage of the roast, so they can achieve the results they desire.

Our small batch coffee roasters are compatible with most data-logging software for coffee roasting. The SF6 comes complete with a gas pressure gauge and hot-air control, as well. The roaster is versatile, working on either natural gas or propane.

Choose the San Franciscan Roaster Company, Today!

The San Franciscan Roaster Company has built beautiful, robust roasters for specialty coffee professionals all around the world for decades. Every single one of our roasters is meticulously handcrafted to precise specifications, capable of roasting millions of pounds of coffee.

We use the best materials available to create roasters that will last a lifetime. The SF6 is one of the best small batch coffee roasters available today. Contact the San Franciscan Roaster Company to learn more about the SF6!  

It is Roasting Reinvented: Where Every Bean Tells a Story of Craftsmanship and Flavor.

Features of the San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-6

  • Crafted in the USA: San Franciscan Roasters™ boast American-made excellence, marrying innovation with tradition.
  • Parts are readily available in the USA or internationally.
  • Sparkling Clean: Say goodbye to hassle with easy-to-remove parts like cooling trays and accessible chaff cyclones for effortless maintenance.
  • The chaff cyclone is in the cylinder that sits behind the roaster, making it much easier to clean.
  • With the ashtray on the front of the machine, broken beans can be easily removed.
  • The roaster is automatically self-igniting and the burner can be monitored through an inspection hole.
  • Temperature Tango: Watch the magic unfold with dual-digital displays, keeping tabs on bean and environment temperatures for the perfect roast.
  • A high-quality gas pressure gauge allows the user to closely monitor BTU input.
  • Bold and Beautiful: Personalize your roaster with a spectrum of colors, while its rugged steel build ensures it's as tough as it is eye-catching. Each roaster is powder coated in the owner's choice of color, providing an extremely durable finish.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster and drum are hand-fabricated of 100% schedule 40 steel. This material maintains excellent thermal transfer characteristics, without becoming brittle over time.
  • Roast Master's Dream: Embrace efficiency with quick 10-15 minute roasting times, thanks to top-notch components and customizable controls.
  • The face-plates are 1/4” steel.
  • San Franciscan roasters are fitted with well known high-quality American made motors, sprockets, bearings and other components. Manufacturers include: Baldor, Morris, Martin Bearings and Honeywell components.
  • The roaster comes complete with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pressure gauge, and hot-air control.
  • Data-Driven Delight: Connect seamlessly with your favorite data-logging programs for a deep dive into the art and science of coffee roasting.

SF-6 Specifications sheet



Guaranteed for Life

Each San Franciscan Roaster™ is covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. The SF6 is the only small batch coffee roaster available with this guarantee. It is also covered by guaranteed personal support for the roaster’s entire lifetime. The lifetime warranty applies solely to the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. The warranty covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship and is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts.

All third-party components, such as engines, bearings, and moveable parts incorporated in the Roaster are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Though they are built to last a lifetime and usually do. While problems are rare on these machines, our team is always available to troubleshoot and answer questions. Simply call or email us and a member of our support team will provide the necessary assistance in a quick, succinct manner.

What is the San Franciscan Roaster™ sf-6 price?

The price for this roaster is available on application and you can see the cost per month of financing this roaster below.


Finance this incredible Roaster today, from just $546/month and get your coffee roasting business started. If you have a credit score of just 640, you can get fast approval from our finance corporation and invest in a coffee roasting machine that is built to last a lifetime

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SF-6 Image Gallery

San Franciscan FS-6 commercial roaster
San Franciscan SF-6 historical image
San Franciscan SF-6 commercial coffee roaster
Small batch commercial coffee roaster
The best small batch commercial coffee roaster
Coffee roasting training with a San Franciscan SF-6
A San Franciscan SF-6 commercial coffee roaster at the markets
A personalized SF-6 small batch commercial coffee roaster

What other Roast-masters think of San Franciscan Roasters

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"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care."

Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC

“Love the company and our roaster is, hands down, the best built in the world.”
Timothy Styczynski
Bridge Coffee

"Owned a SF 25 Sanfran roaster since 1992. Still going strong! Best roaster in the market in my opinion."
Brent Kennedy
Fin + Field Coffee

"We are a small batch roaster in Birmingham, AL, roasting on an SF-6. I couldn’t ask for a better roaster to roast on."
Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab

"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer car"

"I have been thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care we received. They have friendly staff, helped us troubleshoot electrical issues with our unit, and were able to diagnose and solve the issue each step of the way (thanks Alex!). We appreciate Bill’s leadership and taking care of all customers. "

Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC
(from Google reviews)

"Easy to clean, operate, troubleshoot....you name it"

We are a small batch roaster in Birmingham, AL, roasting on an SF-6. I couldn’t ask for a better roaster to roast on. I have roasted on many other brands and with the San Fran, I know what I’m going to get out of this machine every single roast and that it is going to roast coffee as well as I could possibly roast it. Easy to clean, operate, troubleshoot....you name it. But it’s built like a tank. It’s American Made so I know parts and service will never be an issue. And if I ever need to upgrade in size, I know that it holds its value. Not that I ever plan on parting with it. I never plan to buy any other roaster now besides a San Fran.

Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab
from Google reviews)

"Great product and user friendly if you know the basics"

"I went from a 2.6 lb roaster to the San Fran 6 roaster. Very easily transitioned and dialing in gas pressure and timing of the various stages of roasting. Great product and user friendly if you know the basics. Working on sealing out the smoke leaks. Should have a seperate cooling fan in order to jump right into the next roasting cycle and maximize the roasting lbs per hour. Currently 3 roasts per cycle with a 4 to 5 min bean cooling time per roast. Could potentially hit 3.5 to 4 roasts per hour with seperate cooling! On a 8 hour roasting day that could be up to 40lbs per shift and 200 lbs per week.  Just my thoughts. 29:11 Roasting Company!."

Bob Rynning
(from Google reviews)

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