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About the San Franciscan Roaster Company: An American Legend

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For many years, the San Franciscan Roaster Company has hand-built the most beautiful and robust commercial coffee roasters available in the market today. Based in Carson City, Nevada, our company is proud to be an American legend. But what does it take to become an American legend in the specialty coffee roasting industry? Not only do we build all of our roasters by hand in order to guarantee quality and longevity, but we also play our part in the betterment of the specialty coffee community. We are devoted to serving you in the most complete way possible from customizing your coffee roasting machine to providing world-class coffee roasting training. When you add a San Franciscan roaster to your coffee shop, you become a part of an ever-growing family of specialty coffee enthusiasts. We look after one other and provide opportunities to help our peers gain knowledge, experience, and opportunities in the field of artisan coffee roasting.

Meet The San Franciscan Roaster Team

The San Franciscan Roaster Company is made up of builders, technicians, and creatives who are devoted to perfecting the art of coffee roasting, one machine at a time. Our handcrafted artisan roasters are perfect examples of how we operate as a manufacturing company. Every member of our team, from the founders to the newest employees, works together to provide customer service of the highest degree. Our mission is to combine innovation and artistry to create durable, high-quality commercial coffee roasters. Our overall goal, however, is to nurture the specialty coffee roasting community by working ethically here in the United States and all around the world. We aspire to help our peers succeed in the industry by committing to ethical production. Ethical business practices permeate throughout our entire operation, whether we’re sourcing green coffee from a cooperative in South America, handbuilding a roaster with American-made parts, or cheering on our clients at Expo.

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Commercial Coffee Roaster Manufacturers

The San Franciscan Roaster Company was built upon a foundation of sustainability with a devotion to ethical business practices. We seamlessly combine modern innovation with handmade designs in order to produce roasters that will last a lifetime. We’re not just selling you a product, we also provide support and assistance throughout the lifetime of your roaster.

The San Franciscan Roaster Company for the Betterment of the Community

Not only are inclusiveness and diversity crucial for the specialty coffee community to thrive, but they’re also necessary for the survival of the community at large. The San Franciscan Roaster Company is devoted to promoting environments where people from all walks of life can succeed and, most of all, feel comfortable and at home. Our network, which has grown organically over the years, includes growers from South America, Africa, Indonesia, and New Guinea, coffee graders, and distributors as well as coffee house owners and roasters. Our team has been a part of the specialty coffee community for many years. We can proudly say that the San Franciscan Roaster Company manufactures machines for coffee enthusiasts by coffee enthusiasts. When you purchase a machine from us, you're not only adding the best coffee roaster to your business; you become part of the San Franciscan Roaster family!

Proud Members of the Specialty Coffee Association

As proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association, the San Franciscan Roaster Company bolsters the SCA’s core values in every regard. Collaboration is necessary for the coffee industry to be as sustainable as possible. We go above and beyond in order to nurture a community of like-minded individuals, teams, and companies. As members of the SCA, the San Franciscan Roaster Company remains loyal to the community. We provide high-quality machines as well as SCA-certified training. The San Franciscan Roaster Company is full of Q graders, roaster-instructors, and coffee enthusiasts who strive to grow relationships within the coffee community.

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Reach Out to the San Franciscan Roaster Company, Today!

If you’re ready to become a part of the San Franciscan Roaster Company, contact us today! We look forward to welcoming you into our family. Whether you’re in the United States or anywhere else in the world, simply use one of the appropriate phone numbers available. We strive to provide the best customer service, all-encompassing care, and unbridled assistance, no matter what you require.

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