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The San Franciscan SF-1: 1lb/500 gram Small Batch Coffee Roaster

San Franciscan SF-1 1lb 500g small batch and sample coffee roasting machine

SF1: 1lb/ 500g coffee roaster for training and sample roasting

The SF1 1 pound coffee roaster, is the best-made coffee sample roaster / profile roaster on the market. Perfectly suited for profiling, training and roasting high-end micro-lot boutique coffees.

With a manageable size for transportation, this 500 gram coffee roaster works brilliantly as a training roaster. Because of the level of control it gives students, they can use the skills learned to operate our larger machines. If you learn to roast on an SF1, you can work with any machine that gives you complete control over the roasting process.

Like all San Franciscan Roasters, this machine is built to last a lifetime. The craftsmanship is meticulous, making this hardworking 1lb coffee roaster both robust and elegant. It is also a good alternative for small businesses wanting a 1 kilo coffee roaster or 2 pound coffee roaster, because of its ability to roast 4lb of green coffee per hour.

The SF-1 is the perfect machine for profiling, training and roasting exceptional specialty coffees.


How The SF1 Roaster Stands Out from the Pack

While this 1 lb coffee roaster is small in stature, it proudly stands with our larger roasters in terms of productivity and usefulness. The SF1’s roasting characteristics—including roasting time, BTU’s, and airflow—are directly proportional to our larger roasters. This robust little workhorse will outperform most 1 kg coffee roasters on the market.

The classic lines of this drum roaster, combined with the powder coated finish and brass plates, make it a perfect centerpiece for any coffee shop. Only the finest components are used in creating this roaster. The SF1 is mounted on a rich custom made walnut baseboard with solid brass exterior features and American-made gauges. This combination gives the SF1 a distinctive, durable finish.

The SF1 is a real workhorse, roasting 8 oz. (200g) to 1.3 lbs (590g) of green coffee per batch. It can manage three roasts per hour giving you a maximum roast capacity of 4 lbs per hour. The machine is also designed to run on either natural gas or propane.

Our Roasters are Built in the United States with American-Made Parts

A San Franciscan SF-1 1lb/500gram coffee roaster on location

The SF1 roaster is made with only high-quality American motors, sprockets, bearings and other components. Manufacturers include Baldor, Morris, Martin Bearings, and Honeywell.

The roaster comes complete with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pressure gauge, and hot-air control. Since the face plates are 1/4” steel, the roaster will look great while working relentlessly.

Since all of our roasters are built with American-made parts, replacements are readily available in most parts of the world.. At the San Franciscan Roaster Company, we never skimp on quality. For this reason, our roasters and drums are fully hand-fabricated from schedule 40 steel. This ideal material maintains excellent thermal transfer characteristics without becoming brittle over time.

State-of-the-Art Temperature Probes Provide Total Control

Our roasters boast the beauty and elegance of handmade designs while making use of advanced temperature probes in order to yield great results, batch after batch.

The SF1’s temperature probes are able to measure bean mass as well as the temperature inside the drum. This information is displayed on a dual-digital display, showing both temperatures simultaneously during the roast.

This makes it easier for roastmasters to perfect their roast. Similarly to our other roasters, the SF1 is compatible with most data-logging software for coffee-roasting. We can easily build your choice of data logger into your new roaster! The roaster’s full manual control allows for roasting times from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the roastmaster’s preference.

The SF1 also includes a high-quality gas pressure gauge that allows users to closely monitor BTU output.

Meticulously Designed for Simple Maintenance

Maintenance on any industrial machine is important, so we design our roasters for ease of maintenance. This ensures that regular maintenance is performed and the reliability of your roaster is assured.

The SF1’s fan motor assembly and cooling tray can be removed or detached completely for easy cleaning. Exterior pipes and motors can also be removed for cleaning. The chaff cyclone resides in the cylinder on the back of the roaster, making it much easier to clean and maintain.

Our roasters are meticulously designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. The San Franciscan Roaster Company seamlessly combines classic style with modern reliability. Contact us today or fill out the form below to Ignite Your passion and discover the Art of Roasting with San Franciscan Roaster Company.!

Features of the San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-1

  • Crafted in the USA: San Franciscan Roasters™ boast American-made excellence, marrying innovation with tradition.
  • The SF1 has the same quality instrumentation as the larger San Franciscan roasters.
  • Parts are readily available internationally.
  • Sparkling Clean: Say goodbye to hassle with easy-to-remove parts like cooling trays, fan motor assembly and accessible chaff cyclones for effortless maintenance
  • Temperature Tango: Watch the magic unfold with dual-digital displays, keeping tabs on bean and environment temperatures for the perfect roast.
  • A high-quality gas pressure gauge allows the user to closely monitor BTU input.
  • All San Franciscan roasters are powder coated, providing a very durable finish.
  • Bold and Beautiful: Personalize your roaster with a spectrum of colors, while its rugged steel build ensures it's as tough as it is eye-catching.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster and drum are hand-fabricated of 100% schedule 40 steel. This ideal material maintains excellent thermal transfer characteristics without becoming brittle over time.
  • Roast Master's Dream: Embrace efficiency with quick 10-15 minute roasting times, thanks to top-notch components and customizable controls.
  • The face-plates are made of 1/4” steel.
  • San Franciscan roasters are made with well known, high quality American made motors, sprockets, bearings and other components. These are manufactured by companies including Baldor, Morris, Martin Bearings and Honeywell components.
  • Comes complete with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pressure gauge and hot-air control.
  • Data-Driven Delight: Connect seamlessly with your favorite data-logging programs for a deep dive into the art and science of coffee roasting.




Guaranteed for Life

Each San Franciscan Roaster™ is covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. All roasters come with guaranteed personal support for the roaster’s entire lifetime. This lifetime warranty applies solely to the materials and fabrication work performed by the Company. It covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship and is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts.

All third-party components including engines, bearings, and moveable parts built into the Roaster are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. They are however, built to last a lifetime and usually do

While our machines seldom face problems, our team is always available to troubleshoot and answer questions. Simply call or email us and a member of our support team will provide the necessary assistance in a quick, succinct manner.


Finance this incredible Roaster today, from just $289/month and get your coffee roasting business going. If you have a credit score of just 640, you can get fast approval from our finance corporation and invest in a coffee roasting machine that is built to last a lifetime

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SF-1 Image Gallery

People love the SF-1 small commercial coffee roaster
San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-1
SF-1 1 lb/500 gram Coffee Roaster
SF-1 small batch commercial coffee roasting machine
SF-1 small commercial coffee roasting machine
SF-1 small batch coffee roasting machine
SF-1 small batch coffee roaster
San Franciscan Small Batch commercial coffee roaster
SF-1 sample coffee roasting machine
San Franciscan commercial sample coffee roaster
SF-1 sample and small-batch coffee roaster
SF-1 sample and small-batch coffee roasting machine

What other Roast-masters think of San Franciscan Roasters

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"Thoroughly impressed by quality of their equipment and the level of customer care."

Chelsea Fountain
Rise & Grind Coffees, NC

“Love the company and our roaster is, hands down, the best built in the world.”
Timothy Styczynski
Bridge Coffee

"Owned a SF 25 Sanfran roaster since 1992. Still going strong! Best roaster in the market in my opinion."
Brent Kennedy
Fin + Field Coffee

"We are a small batch roaster in Birmingham, AL, roasting on an SF-6. I couldn’t ask for a better roaster to roast on."
Bert Davis
Roaster @ Daysol Coffee Lab

"We love their old style look mixed with good electronics"

"We have two 25lb San Franciscan roasters named Frannie and Cisco. As Roastmaster, I love roasting on these two work horses. I roast simultaneously on both of them, with no problem. We love their old style look mixed with good electronics. If maintainence is kept up, they will work well. As a good companion, we roast all our samples on our 1lb San Franciscan, keeping them harmonious with our roasting process."

Paul Allen - Roastmaster Caravan Coffee

"They've built a world class team around their world class roasters"

"The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster Co. has built a world class team around their world class roasters. Every person we have had the pleasure of working with is extremely knowledgeable in their craft and it shows in their final product. We have been using the same workhorse SF-25 for almost 30 years, so when it finally came time to purchase a new roaster we had no doubt it would be another San Franciscan. The American craftsmanship and American steel insure we will have another 30 years with our new SF-25. The pride they take in their craft shows and it allows us to take pride in ours." 

Nick Harris @petelumacoffee

"They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!"

San Franciscan Roaster Co. were so helpful and worked with us from the beginning (our first phone call with them) to our first roasting experience. They helped with deciding which roaster size would be best for our size business. We were put in contact with other coffee roasters who had purchased a San Franciscan Roaster to get feedback. We met some very awesome people who have had the San Franciscan Coffee Roaster for well over a decade and loved it!

The San Franciscan SF6 Coffee Roaster has been reliable and very easy on maintenance. Since we are in a very rural area (the mountains), they were able to guide us through standard maintenance and then some. We have been operating our SF6 Coffee Roaster now for 2 years and have not had any problems.

The roasting process with the San Franciscan is great...our coffee has had very high praise. They took the roasting experience and perfected the process!

If one day we decide to double our business we would definitely buy another San Franciscan Coffee Roaster!

Gary & Mary Ann, Owners Happy Trails Cafe, LLC

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