Questions People Ask About San Franciscan Roasters

Why Should I buy a San Franciscan Roaster instead of any other brand?

A good question. Here are five reasons a San Franciscan is the best coffee roaster you can buy:

  1. The Roaster is capable of bringing out the finest of nuances a coffee has to offer. That’s what roasting is all about, right? Roasting the best coffees you possibly can and having the greatest versatility in conductive, convective heat applications….all at the hand of the roast-master.
  2. Reliability. The San Franciscan Roaster  is built to last – all components used in the construction are the best available in America – from the bearings, to gauges, even the steel used to construct the drum is the best possible grade and thickness for heat transfer and longevityTake a look at our testimonials and you’ll see reliability is one of the things people rave about.
  3. Easy to service and maintain. The San Franciscan Roaster ise designed for easy maintenance. Everything needed to service is easy to get to and parts and components are readily available both in the USA and overseas. The San Franciscan Roaster is designed to simplify life, so the focus is on roasting the finest coffees without losing quality due to a lack of cleaning. A clean roaster is a happy roaster and best able to produce excellent results. The San Franciscan Roaster is built to make cleaning less of an obstacle to that end.
  4. The San Francisco Roasting Company has the best service in the business. We spend the time with you right through the build process, during delivery and installation to ensure you can use the equipment and maintain it. We treat you like family long after you’ve bought your roaster. If you have any doubt about our backup and service, read our testimonials.
  5. Classic  Eye-Catching Styling. The San Franciscan Roaster looks like a piece of American heritage that  instantly becomes the centerpiece of the coffee house,  Attracting business, people want to photograph the roasters over and over again.

What is the process for ordering a San Franciscan Roaster?

  1. Fill out one of the forms on the website or call us toll free 866-957-9233 US and Canada, or  775-996-2280 internationally.
  2. We’ll consult with you to determine the best size roaster for your business model – even put you in touch with other people running similar businesses who’ll happily give you advice. San Franciscan owners are like one big family.
  3. You can apply for finance, by visiting this page or just pay a 50% deposit and we’ll assign you a serial number, schedule the build and give you an approximate completion date. Each San Franciscan Roaster is carefully made for the owner – we do not just pull them off a production line.
  4. Once it’s finished, it’s put in a crate and delivered by truck or air freight to your door – freight charges vary and determined by location.  San Franciscan Roasters can be easily installed by local contractors – It’s just a matter of putting them in place and hooking up the gas, electricity and venting. On-site assistance is available for additional charges

Can I choose any color for my Roaster?

The standard color for roasters is “cast-iron black”, but we will powder coat them with any single powder coat application. Multi-coat applications are available and are very nice, but at additional cost.

The brass colored plates and fittings are all solid brass. These can be nickel plated for a ‘silver’ look at an additional cost.

Are San Franciscan Roasters covered by a warranty?

All roasters are covered by a one-year warranty with continuous personal support for the life of the roaster. Fortunately, very little goes wrong with The San Franciscan Roaster and in the rare case that something does, it can be easily fixed by a local electrician or tradesman. But we are always there to support you.

What about training?

Training is provided free for our clients here at our facility in Carson City, NV. The San Franciscan Roasters are extremely easy to use, but if you’re not familiar with roasting, it is well worth visiting our facilities.

Can you provide automation?

The San Franciscan Roaster is primarily designed as amanual artisan roaster for the craftsman, however it is not difficult to add controlled automation. Another aspect of the versatility of The San Franciscan Roaster line of coffee roasters