About Us

The San Franciscan Roaster is manufactured by Coffee PER, Inc. ("PER" stands for "Processing Equipment & Repair"). Coffee PER is located one hour east of Reno, in the small town of Fallon, NV. 

For almost 20 years Coffee PER has been manufacturing premium coffee processing equipment, most notably “The San Franciscan” line of coffee roasters. Made with premium components and quality workmanship, our roasters are truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship built to old-world standards. It has always been the culture of Coffee PER to keep the same focus on the quality of our roasters and the components used in them.

Our small batch roasters are built with the same fine workmanship as our larger machines and the roasting characteristics, including roasting time, BTU's and air flow are directly proportional to our larger industrial roasters. And, like our larger roasters, the small batch roasters are tested and approved by ETL. As you can see, The San Franciscan Roaster would be a beautiful centerpiece for any coffee house or roasting facility.

Our roasters are well built, easily maintained, and have significantly lower operating costs than other roasters of the same size. The roasters are simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain and are built to last a lifetime. It costs just pennies a batch to roast your own beans.

We also offer free training at our facilities near Reno, NV. If you would like more information or if you would like to place an order, please contact us at (866) 957-9233 (toll free) or (775) 996-2280 (international) or email us at info@coffeeper.com.