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Why Handmade Machines Still Matter

Posted by Otto Nicli

Tue, Jun, 05, 2018 @ 08:06 AM

The act of building something by hand is often seen as the road less traveled, and it’s easy to see why. Companies from all around the world make use of automated machines to build their products. Machines building more machines at incredibly fast speeds. They churn out hundreds (if not thousands) of products per week. Cars, refrigerators, computers, and almost everything in our modern world is built by machines. Of course, we’ve yet to reach a moment in time where everything is completely automated. Hard working individuals still work at most of these manufacturing plants but their roles have greatly diminished. Building products by hand can be seen as old-fashioned or outdated but nothing truly compares to a product that was built by hand. Our roasters, for instance, are each designed and built with the artisan roaster in mind. Since the San Franciscan Roaster Company is made up of artisan roasters and creatives with vast experience in the industry, we know exactly what should go in a coffee roaster.

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The Sustainability of Ethical Business Practices in Specialty Coffee

Posted by Otto Nicli

Fri, May, 18, 2018 @ 13:05 PM

AdobeStock_110462860Now, more than ever, consumers are choosing to spend their hard-earned money on companies they know and trust. Long gone are the day of blindly purchasing products off the shelves at the local supermarket. Consumers—specifically millenials—are spending more time researching what they buy in order to positively impact the community. This is intrinsic in the specialty roasting industry. Consumers not only want to purchase coffee from shops that treat their employees with respect, they want to support companies that strive to do good in the world. Since the farming, production, and distribution of specialty coffee involves many players from all around the world, it’s easy for ethical business practices to get lost in the mix. How does a coffee roasting company ensure sustainability and ethical business practices? Although the answer is complex, it is achievable.

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