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How to Gain Valuable Insight in the Art of Coffee Roasting

Posted by Otto Nicli

Mon, Jun, 11, 2018 @ 08:06 AM


If you’ve always dreamed of starting up your own coffee roasting business, it’s best to get started on the right foot. Perhaps you’ve never roasted before or maybe you’ve dabbled a bit but you don’t feel ready to take it to the next level. Well, you chose the right industry to become a part of! As you may or may not know, the specialty coffee roasting industry is very community-oriented so we’re always ready to help our friends and peers succeed. Not only does the San Franciscan Roaster Company build small-batch machines for small-batch roasters, we also provide training services for roastmasters to become perfectly acquainted with their San Franciscan Roaster! In order to provide as much knowledge as possible, we’ve teamed up with Bald Guy Brew to create The Coffee Roasting Institute, an official, SCA-Certified premiere training campus is located in Boone, North Carolina. It’s our goal to help you know everything there is to know about roasting!

The First Steps

Coffee roasting is an art form that requires care, precision, and years of practice in order to master it. It’s a process that also requires its fair share of trial and error before you can feel confident in your roasting abilities. Since San Franciscan Roasters are somewhat different than other small-batch roasters, we want our clients to hit the ground running whenever they purchase one of our machines. For this reason, we extend an invitation for our clients to visit our factory in Carson City, Nevada in order for them to learn all there is to know about their San Franciscan Roaster.

Even if you’ve been in the specialty coffee roasting industry for some time now, it is still very beneficial to gain the appropriate knowledge in regards to your San Franciscan Roaster. Since our roasters are handmade, they work slightly differently than automatic roasters. What better way to learn how to use your machine than at its birthplace? This is a service we provide to all of our customers, free of charge. It’s just one of the many ways The San Franciscan Roasters Company serves the specialty coffee roasting community.

Become A Full-Fledged Roastmaster

As we constantly strive to provide as much knowledge to the specialty coffee roasting community as possible, we’ve partnered with Bald Guy Brew to create North Carolina’s very first Specialty Coffee Association certified training center. The Coffee Roasting Institute (CRI) helps you take your specialty coffee roasting skills to the next level. CRI’s Blue Ridge Campus, located in Boone, NC, offers courses designed to not only meet your educational objectives but exceed them. A team of certified roaster instructions will teach you all the skills necessary for you to successfully operate your very own coffee roasting business. As an added commodity, CRI has six San Franciscan Roasters on campus. These roasters will be your classroom and each class has a 1:6 instructor to student ratio in order to emphasize and facilitate learning. Since classes are designed to suit your specific objectives and goals, you’ll be able to achieve total success once the course comes to an end.

In order to provide classes that suit your needs, CRI offers students the ability to tailor courses to meet their educational objectives. Perhaps you’re planning on opening your own coffee roasting company. CRI offers a course named “Black Coffee” Business Consulting which will provide guidance necessary for you to avoid any hurdles or pitfalls commonly associated with entrepreneurial start-ups. It’s our goal to assist you as much as possible. CRI is devoted to helping new roasters gain the ability to completely roast and confidently evaluate specialty coffee when the class wraps up. There is nothing standing in your way when it comes to capturing your dream of becoming a specialty coffee roastmaster!

What’s Next?

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been around the block a few times, it’s never too late to learn a bit more about roasting specialty coffee. Perhaps you just purchased your very first SF-6 and you’re ready to capture your dream of opening a specialty coffee roasting company. Or maybe you’ve been roasting coffee for some years and now is the time to purchase our silent behemoth, the SF-75. By having as much knowledge as possible, you’ll be able to succeed in every aspect of specialty coffee roasting. Visit our factory in Carson City, Nevada or partake in CRI’s in-depth courses in order to gain valuable experience so you can succeed in the specialty coffee roasting industry! Before long, you’ll be roasting like a true master. 

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