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Why You Should Buy an SF-1: From Training and Profiling to Perfection

Posted by Otto Nicli

Tue, Feb, 26, 2019 @ 15:02 PM

The SF-1 is the perfect profiling coffee roaster


The path towards perfection is paved with trial and error. Musicians work on demos before recording a classic; artists work on rough sketches before committing their art to canvas; writers rewrite drafts ad infinitum before completing a manuscript. As such, coffee roasters require a way of freely fine-tuning their roasts. This is where the SF-1 from the San Franciscan Roaster Company comes into play. As our smallest roaster, the SF-1 gives roastmasters the ability to get creative with their roasts without having to worry about ruining batches. In order to create something truly unique, it’s necessary to make mistakes. Bold decisions lead to great outcomes. All too often, however, creativity and originality are put on the backburner. With our SF-1, you won’t have to compromise your creativity.

In Which Situations Is the SF-1 Most Useful?

The SF-1 is a perfect machine for training and profiling purposes. Since it only roasts one pound/500 grams at a time, roastmasters will be able to get as creative as possible with their roasts. It’s important to point out that, although the SF-1 is the most affordable of our machines, it’s not recommended for anything other than training or profiling. Roasting one-pound batches at a time can be very time-consuming with very small results. For this reason, it may not be the best machine for your coffee house’s entire operation. Using an SF-1 for this reason will create to a lot of work. Although the SF-1 is more affordable, we recommend our clients choose our larger roasters to take care of their batch roasting.

The SF-1 is incredibly useful in its own right, however. Due to its smaller batch size, coffee roasters and roastmasters are able to use the machine for training and profiling. Since all of our roasters are built proportionally, you’ll be able to figure out the profile you’re after before taking it to a larger roaster. Roasts that have been perfected on the SF-1 can easily be duplicated on SF-10 and so on. You won’t have to worry about ruining large amounts of coffee when experimenting or trying out something new. Instead, you can roast one-pound batches at a time, tweaking your roast profile until you hit the jackpot of flavor.

The SF-1 is Made for Training

Even the best roastmasters got their start burning batches upon batches of green coffee. Only though practice did they reach their current level of mastery. This is where the SF-1 shines. Unlike our larger roasters, the SF-1 gives roasters the ability to practice, train, and profile roasts without having to worry about ruining large batches of coffee. By removing the fear of failure, beginner coffee roasters will be able to make mistakes freely. With enough practice, they will learn from their mistakes and eventually gain the necessary experience thus achieving the distinction of roastmaster. If you purchase an SF-1 for training, your coffee house’s future roastmasters will be able to train on the small machine until they reach the degree of experience required to move up to one of the larger machines.

High-Quality Craftsmanship in a Smaller Package

All too often, the distinction of “training” elicits an image of a sub-par machine that’s designed with lower-quality materials. This simply is not the case when it comes to machines from the San Franciscan Roaster Company. Just because the SF-1 is our smallest roaster doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We use the same high-quality materials when building all of our roasters so your SF-1 will work as well as any of our larger models. We design each machine to similar specifications and controls, roastmasters can easily transfer their knowledge from the SF-1 to the SF-6, SF-10, and so on.

The Perfect Way to Fine Tune Your Coffee

The SF-1 isn’t just a perfect option for beginner roasters, it’s also a great choice for established roastmasters to fine tune their coffee. Due to its smaller batch size, roastmasters won’t have to compromise when using the SF-1 to tweak or experiment with roasts. Once you achieve the perfect roast on the SF-1, you’ll be able to easily transfer the roast profile to a larger roaster. Consider the SF-1 your tool for perfection; whenever you roast on an SF-1, you’re essentially workshopping your next winning roast profile.

Embrace the Craft of Coffee Roasting, Today!

Just like the rest of our roasters, the SF-1 is built by hand with American steel in our factory in Carson City, Nevada. The SF-1 is a necessary tool that can help you reach perfection without having to sacrifice pounds of coffee to do so. If you’re ready to add an SF-1 to your coffee house or if you’d like to learn more about our family of roasters, give us a call!

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