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Due to Overwhelming Success, We’re Extending our Offer on the SF-6 “Embrace the Craft” Bundle!

Posted by The San Franciscan Roaster Co.

Thu, Jan, 10, 2019 @ 10:01 AM


We are extending the SF-6 “Embrace the Craft” Bundle until February 28!

When we first announced our SF-6 “Embrace the Craft” Holiday Bundle, we knew it would be a hit, but we didn’t know it would be this popular! Because of the tremendous feedback we’ve received, we're extending our offer. From now until February 28, receive over $3,000 in added value with the purchase of an SF-6 roaster!

SF-6 “Embrace the Craft” Bundle Features

The SF-6 “Embrace the Craft” Bundle features the classic cast iron black SF-6 with brass finishes. The SF-6 is the perfect roaster for new coffeehouses, cafes, small roasteries, and farmer’s markets. For the regular price of an SF-6, you will also receive:

  • Two days of roaster training at The Coffee Roasting Institute for two people, a $1,300 value
  • SF-6 crating fee up to $250
  • Freight credit up to $500
  • Credit for manufacturer recommended venting up to $1,000

Create your dream machine, and add a personalized color for a modest additional cost!


The San Franciscan SF-6 Roaster Features

Combining art with ingenuity, our award-winning roasters are handcrafted with 100% American-made steel at our factory in Carson City, Nevada.

  • Roasts up to 6.6 pounds (3 kg.) of green coffee per batch.
  • Compatible with most coffee roasting, data-logging software
  • Fitted with bean mass and internal drum temperature probes
  • Magnehelic design that allows the roaster to read system pressure and gives the roast-master control to log data and interpret results with corresponding variables
  • Equipped with self-igniting burners and a pressure gauge to monitor BTU output
  • Removable motors, pipes, and cooling tray for easy maintenance

For more information on the SF-6, click here.

Learn More

To learn more about the SF-6 Bundle, send us a message. Soon, you will be roasting on your brand new SF-6!

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